and now, we wait

People keep asking if I'm ready for this baby to arrive. The short answer is "Yes." The real answer is "Does one ever feel ready to push a watermelon-sized person through one's ladyhole?" (If you haven't seen this clip of Mila Kunis from Jimmy Kimmel you should watch it.)

But yes, I'm as ready as I'm going to be. We have all the necessities and recommended baby paraphernalia (thanks to many generous gifts from friends and family), and so I'm documenting it here with a few photos. 

Eleven other babies in my family have slept in this crib (starting with my mom in 1957). The frog above it was also in my room and my brothers' rooms when we were tiny tots. 


Kyle Lacy said...

Excellent job on the room!

Unknown said...

I would sleep in that room...if only I could fit in the crib.

Kb_Mal said...

So cute! Congrats!