a little perspective

While I was still sleeping this morning (in our makeshift basement bedroom/cave, avoiding the mountains of unpacked boxes looming upstairs), my dad emailed this photo...

Sunrise over Atlanta, from 375 feet up in the Bank of America building. And I'm reminded that my mountains of boxes are more like molehills.

It's a great big beautiful world, isn't it?


why are the worst jobs easiest to find?

I found both of these gems this afternoon, while searching for positions in the "advertising/marketing" field. Not sure how they ended up there, but the trend I'm smelling is that the worst jobs are the most highly publicized. So, friends, let's take a vote...

Potential Job #1

Potential Job #2
Major liquor brand is looking for FEMALE brand ambassadors in the Indianapolis area!!!!

Candidates should be 21 years of age, have reliable transportation, and an outgoing personality.
Must be willing to wear a short jean shirt or short shorts, a midrif top, and cowboy boots.
Hours will be nights and weekends (about 10 hours per week for at least 3 months)
This position offers excellent pay ($20-25/hr.) and a fun working environment!


a canyon they call grand

And now, back to your regularly scheduled Road Trip Recap.

I'm sorry to say that Roswell, NM does not warrant its own blog post. Given the chance to do it again, I would bypass the town and head for Carlsbad Caverns or White Sands Monument. But instead, we had the privilege of camping at Bottomless Lakes State Park, which they should consider renaming "Endless Mosquito Bites State Park," or "Deer Flies That Bite Through Clothing State Park," or any number of things more descriptive. This is how I happened to become the proud owner of one genuine mesh head-net. Jealous?

On to more worthwhile ventures: Arizona. Flagstaff, Grand Canyon, Page.
Northern Arizona seeped into my blood and now I desperately want to live there. I know I just moved to a new state, but my next new state will be this one... one day.

From the Grand Canyon South Rim you can see the North Rim. It doesn't look that far. If you had a small plane, a helicopter, some go-go-gadget wings, you could zoom right across. But to drive around the Canyon... now that is an experience you don't want to miss.

One of the few places to get supplies en route to the North Rim is Tuba City. In Tuba City, the only place to buy food is Basha's. And inside of Basha's, signs are written in a strange-looking Native American language (luckily for us, they were also
translated into English).

Shortly afterward comes this: the first time I truly doubted the intelligence of my GPS unit. A "shortcut" about 8 miles long, that took us 45 minutes to drive.

But at the end of a very long day, it was worth it. Watching the sunset from the North Rim could make even the most committed atheist second-guess himself.