3eb countdown

I realize that 98% of the people who read this won't care, but the new 3eb album drops August 18 and I CAN'T WAIT THAT LONG. Stephan Jenkins, if you somehow stumble upon this page and are feeling friendly, please mail me an advanced copy. Thanks.

such great heights

In researching things to do out west, I found this video of cliff-jumping at Zion National Park (Utah). I'd love to say that I would do this, but in reality I think I'd be a big fat chicken.


overheard 002

From across the house, my brother Trey talking to his friend:

"What's going on? Who's Jon and Kate, and why is everyone talking about them separating?"


new things on my dresser

The upside of putting my life into boxes: finding new ways to organize. Two new things on my dresser...

1) A simple homemade earring holder. Had the chicken wire, had the white paint ("had" meaning they came from my Dad's workshop, which is a bit like Santa's, only more sawdust).
Bought the wooden framing pieces. Total cost: $1

2) A very cool piece of pottery from Allison, made by her mom, which I'm using as a "jewelry I wear most often" bowl.


overheard 001

En route to Omaha, an angry corn-fed woman on the phone:

"I hope you didn't eat a full meal, I'm gonna be hungry."
"I hear you chewing on something!"


taking you with me

Road trip starts in 19 days. I wish I could take you all with me, but since I can't, here is the next best thing.

If you glance to the right side of the page, under the header "right now," you'll find a link to my Twitter page. I'd love to post pictures and blog from the road, but I'm not sure how much internet time we'll have. BUT... I can post updates to Twitter via text message — so that's what I plan to do. How's that for tech savvy? And I was a Journalism major!


first comes purging

Why I hold on to some things, I'll never understand.

Exhibit A: Evidence of too many meals in Chinese restaurants, I've kept almost all my fortunes.

These go in the trash today. Along with a lot of other stuff. It's amazing — and scary — how much STUFF one being can collect.

Before moving, I'm trying to purge, condense, purge again. The less I have, the fewer trips we have to make up to the 6th floor. Oof.


street dreamin

Standing in the Kroger magazine aisle, last year sometime, I has this priceless encounter...

Scrappy-looking 15-year-old boy, with an armful of bootleg CDs: Are you
buying a house?
Me, with an armful of glossy house magazines: No.
Scrappy: Oh, are you getting those for a class then?
Me: No...
Scrappy: Oh shoot! Girl, you're street dreamin!

And then he walked off, without even trying to sell me a CD because, clearly, I fell into the category of "street dreamer." And while I'm not 100% on the definition, my guess is it's the urban equivalent of what my mom means when she says, "champagne taste on a beer budget."

Nail on the head, Scrappy. I was caught street dreamin in the middle of Kroger, and promptly called out.

BUT! A year later, I'm actually looking for a house — a real house! Granted, I won't be the one to slap the big fat down payment on the table, but I'll be paying half a mortgage. That counts, right?

Ryan and I spent most of Sunday cruising around with our real estate dude. Saw a few nice places, but haven't found it yet. We both have this feeling that when we see "our house," we'll instantly know it's the one. These were two of our favorites... can't tell much from just one picture, but trust me, they were cute.


makes me ill

There is some alien force at work in my body: a combination sore throat, some imbalance of estrogen and progesterone, and maybe a fever (although my cheap plastic thermometer says no... I'm regretting not buying the more expensive one). I imagine that whatever is wrong with me, there is some mutant germ swimming down my bloodstream, and he is angry, and looks like this:

He may also be angry because, instead of sleeping all day like I should have, I sat trying to hash out my resume for way (way) longer than I care to admit.

I'm done with this day. Time for some dinner, then to watch The Wizard of Oz or some other happy-no-brainer in bed until I fall asleep.


the way west

June 2005: a muggy mid-family-vacation Jekyll Island night, my brothers and I had a flash of brilliance — WE SHOULD TAKE A ROAD TRIP TO CALIFORNIA!

Four years later, we've actually found a way to make it happen. We leave Atlanta on July 5, and we'll return (barring any technical snafus, fingers crossed) August 3.

This will be a serious dollar-stretching journey, as we're trying to stick to a budget of under $2,000 (each). Sounds like a lot, but not when you add up food, gas & lodging for 30 days of travel.

I would LOVE to hear any recommendations
you have for things we should see along the way!

Here's our route:

New Orleans
Roswell, NM
Flagstaff, AZ
Grand Canyon
Zion National Park, UT
Bryce Canyon, UT
Las Vegas
Los Angles
Morro Strand, CA
San Francisco
National Park
Death Valley National Park
Mesa Verde, CO
Great Sand Dunes National Park, CO
[Somewhere random in the panhandle of Oklahoma]
Lake Dardanelle, AR