march [memoir] madness

I may be mediocre at most things, but I'm spectacular at procrastinating.

The memoir I started writing last January has sat untouched in a Dropbox folder since—June? Pitiful.

As much as I love writing, I'm easily distracted by TV. By instagram. By the two needy puppies who are as annoying as they are cute.

In an effort to get off my lazy lump and make some writing progress, I've instituted #MarchMemoirMadness. 

On March 1, I wrote for 30 minutes. On March 2, I did it again. And today, yet again. 

I'm committing to this for one month, in the hopes that it will turn from a chore into a habit, from a habit into a hobby. 

17,800 words and counting...

P.S. You're welcome to steal this idea and customize, making it March [insert your goal here] Madness.