slip sliding away

This was last Wednesday... unfortunately, the driveway doesn't look much different now. And yes, I almost fell twice in the process of filming this.


bedroom: before + after

Wowza, this was the most drawn-out room makeover in history. It started back in November 2009 when we bought a new bed. Then it was winter, and I discovered the necessity of a down comforter.

When it got warm again, we replaced the heinous fan. (I hate to take apart something that functions just fine... but brass and wood-paneled paddles... gag).

Somewhere midway through Summer 2010, on a sweltering day, I stripped, sanded, and stained the nightstand... a lot of work for such a little chunk of furniture. Months after that we did the same to the dresser.

Why is it that every little house project takes nine times as long as you expect it to take? Oh well. It's finally done, and we love it.





I've finally discover Indy's Achilles heel... ICE. We were housebound today as the city slept under 1+ inches of it.