no time to write

...and so much to say! Alas — here are two quick shots from the Grand Canyon North Rim. Will hopefully have internet in LA (we'll be getting there on Friday) and can catch up a bit. Miss you all, xoxo.


here we go

All packed and ready to go. Not much room to spare. I could write so much more about the insanity of today (how my family freaked out at the 11th hour, thinking we needed to rent a car, trying to find a rental SUV on a holiday, almost taking MARTA to the airport in search of one, etc.) but it's late. We're leaving in 8 hours. I'm going to bed. Happy 4th of July! Catch you on the flip side.


packing in style

After searching high and low, through the back alleys of eBay and the dusty corners of overpriced antique shops, I found this beauty today at Value Village.

Mom's best guess is it's from the late 60's or early 70's, and it's in pretty great shape (after I attacked it with OxiClean). The greatest part: it only cost me two bucks.

My plan is to get a bumper sticker from each city we stop in, and stick them on the suitcase as we go. Oh yea. The ultimate souvenir.