i don't love baseball, but...

I do love spontaneity. 5:45 yesterday, my Dad calls; "Hey, I have 5 extra tickets to the Braves game. It starts at 7:15. Want to go?"

It was $1 hot dog night. I did not partake, but my dad did. We sat behind first base. When I say 'we,' I mean me, my dad and about 15 of his colleagues.

I also love: the first signs of Fall, my father who throws peanuts at girls standing in the way of the game (ok, fine, I gave him the idea), admiring the ATL skyline on the drive home.

[my dad demonstrating the
oh-so-politically-incorrect Braves tomahawk chop]

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Trey said...

Love me some good ol' Atl skyline.

Why is it oh-so-politically-incorrect..?

Annnnd, thought you might find this interesting: