from georgia, to georgia street

This is Ryan's new home (on the left): the Harness Factory Lofts in downtown Indy. Ironically enough, his address is 30 E. Georgia Street. The building to the right is the Conseco Fieldhouse, a sports/event arena. The other photo is the view from our apartment, on the sixth floor, on the other side of the building.

Here's a video tour of the new digs — it's a bit messy because he'd only moved in two days earlier.


Allison said...

I'm gonna want to see a new tour once you are settled in and its all decorated!

sueper33 said...

I especially want to see a CAKE on the new "Cake Plate" mmmmmmm chocolate would be nice :-)
What a "coinky-dink" to be living on georgia street . . .