back for the first time

(Yes, that title is a reference to Ludacris's inaugural album, as only true fans would recognize.)

Here's what you missed, or what I missed telling you:

  • I think I love writing fiction
  • I think I hate writing fiction
  • Fact: my grandfather dated Grace Kelly
  • You cannot fold a piece of paper in half more than 7 times... unless it is tissue paper
  • You can get overly attached to a pet fish you've had for 2.5 years
  • Roaches can allegedly survive an atomic blast, but not a good dousing of Raid on my kitchen counter
  • The difference between 24 and 25 feels gargantuan
  • Somehow it's been 11 years since Brian McKnight's song Anytime was on the Billboard charts, but damn if I don't still love it like the first time... Where are you now Brian? (Google says he was on last year's Celeb Apprentice... missed that)
  • Yet another thing that makes you feel old: friends getting married and engaged
  • In order to burn off 1 cheeseburger with large fries, you have to run for 117 minutes
  • Fact: I cannot run for 117 minutes
  • I had a cheeseburger for my birthday dinner, then washed it down with rootbeer, coffee and cannoli
Happy to be back.


Pam said...

YES - she is BACK!!! I'm so excited. I've missed you - thru reading your Blog! Love you sooo moch! A.P.

sueper33 said...
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sueper33 said...

The "Barbie and the Rocker" Girl is back ! ! !