sometimes i love myself

What I really need to be doing is writing my novel (because the first three pages are due on Monday for my writing class).

After plopping down on the bed with a pen and a notebook, feeling a lack of inspiration, getting up again to blow my nose, I realize — candles will help me write.
Who isn't more creative by candlelight? But where did I put those damn IKEA tea light holders? I absolutely must find them. Clearly, I can't write without them.

I dig through the closet. Not there. Rummage through the craft drawer. Not there. At this point, I should just call it quits and go back to my notebook, but that would be too easy.

Long story short, this contraption was born: take three unused cd's, flip them over, tape the backs together, and voilĂ ! An ultra-reflective tea light holder.

You say procrastination, I say misplaced creativity.


K_Streams_Her_C said...

They're beautiful!

And tell me more about this writing class!

Ashley said...

uh-oh i see we're back to listening to TEB...