56 and cloudy

Perfect weather to write. I'm spending a few days at my "country home" (my parent's place in the Roswell suburbs), drinking their coffee, eating their food, being a giant human leech as I sometimes am.

Yet there is a semi-productive slant here. In addition to bumbling my way across the pages of turbotax.com, I'm sifting through ten years of notebook writing, attempting to type and save it all to my computer. Less of a fire hazard, I figured.

In a strange way though, I feel like I'm resurrecting the teen angst of my 15-year-old self, digging up poorly written poems from high school. Maybe a bonfire isn't such a bad idea?

Thankfully, some resurrections are more meaningful than others... Happy Easter! Here's hoping that good things lie ahead for you, dear reader, and your loved ones.


Dawn Gahan said...

I think this is one of my favorite posts of yours. And you think I'm "dear." Love that.

Happy Easter to all of the P's. Especially my favorite one. Guess.


Susan Marie said...

I love your 15 year old self - in fact, I love your WHOLE self - always have, always will . .