That's the number of pounds of food I ate yesterday between 12:00 and 4:00 at my company's Thanksgiving Feast. And, as of yesterday, it's also number of years Ryan and I have been dating. There are many reasons why I love him, but the #1 reason why I loved him yesterday was because of this conversation...

Him: How was the Feast?
Me: Amazing.

Him: Did you win the Weigh-In?
Me: No, but I came in second; I gained five pounds.

Him, in a voice filled with admiration: I'm so proud of you.
[Sherry laughing at me, while I try to keep it all down.][Our spectacular table, arranged by the lovely ladies Dawn and Courtney.]
[Massive amounts of food, followed by a game called "Pin the Tail on J.J." Good try Laura!]
Although Ryan & I couldn't be together on our anniversary, I felt so very thankful to spend the day eating food I love, with people I love.


K_Streams_Her_C said...

If you're going off of percentage gained, maybe you were second place. But if we're talking poundage, I was a pound ahead of ya at 6. Muhaha. Happy anniversary to you and Ryan!

Unknown said...

that response was gold.

he's a keeper =)

Susan Marie said...

Oink - Oink . . . you gotta love Ryan, the perfect response :-) Happy Anniversary to you both. Love you, Mom xoxoxoxo