thank goodness for good neighbors

Snow today. Lots of it, at least by my standards. But not enough to cancel school, therefore, not enough for me to stay off the road. So the little two-wheel drive Volvo fishtailed its way around every corner of the morning commute, clearly freaking out as much as its driver.

But the real fun arrived on my way home from work. That's when I got stuck — in my own driveway, at bottom of the smallest hill you've ever seen. I can't even call it a hill actually, it's more like a tiny three foot slope. By the time I trudged up to the garage for a shovel and back, my neighbor Jerry was waiting at the bottom.

"You stuck?"

Then another neighbor from across the street, Tony, arrived with his snow blower. And then our next-door neighbor Susan walked over.

Tony cleared out the driveway while Jerry and I shoveled the sidewalks. Susan's golden retriever Abby, who apparently loves the snow, frolicked around the yard like the cutest damn thing I've ever seen. And just like that, a very crappy situation was made infinitely better thanks to a few good neighbors.

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