the way west

June 2005: a muggy mid-family-vacation Jekyll Island night, my brothers and I had a flash of brilliance — WE SHOULD TAKE A ROAD TRIP TO CALIFORNIA!

Four years later, we've actually found a way to make it happen. We leave Atlanta on July 5, and we'll return (barring any technical snafus, fingers crossed) August 3.

This will be a serious dollar-stretching journey, as we're trying to stick to a budget of under $2,000 (each). Sounds like a lot, but not when you add up food, gas & lodging for 30 days of travel.

I would LOVE to hear any recommendations
you have for things we should see along the way!

Here's our route:

New Orleans
Roswell, NM
Flagstaff, AZ
Grand Canyon
Zion National Park, UT
Bryce Canyon, UT
Las Vegas
Los Angles
Morro Strand, CA
San Francisco
National Park
Death Valley National Park
Mesa Verde, CO
Great Sand Dunes National Park, CO
[Somewhere random in the panhandle of Oklahoma]
Lake Dardanelle, AR


Kb_Mal said...

So jealous! After Italy, this was my next "must do." Dan and I are planning to drive out to CA and fly back... though the timing is TBD. Can't wait to hear about your trip... blog often.

sueper33 said...

I'm joining ya'll - I'll be in the trunk . . .

Pam said...

Hmmm, there is a place somewhere in the southwestern corner of KS that is home to a ton of The Wizard of Oz stuff......I'll find the name of the town and post it. Not too far from the panhandle of OK. Can't promise you much in the way of KS - way, way flatter than any of you have ever seen.

Pam said...

Oh, I'll be in the trunk along with 'Susan' :)