Random Thing #12
Random, yes. About me, not completely. So maybe I'm cheating a bit. But this video was the best nineteen minutes of my day. OK, thirty eight minutes... I admit I've listened to it twice. Love every word of it. I could just kiss Elizabeth Gilbert.

A few other random things — all courtesy of my boss who attended TED and came back with stories — ranging from wonderful...

to wonderfully terrifying...


Unknown said...

Hitting the "next blog" button is fun. You never know what you're going to see or read. The robot dog is very interesting. Thanks!

I started "blogging" a couple weeks ago to try and be creative and it's a blast.

Now go see Nana.

Dawn Gahan said...

Oh my gosh. It's 12:15 on Friday evening and I just finished watching the Elizabeth Gilbert talk. Am I the only person on the face of the earth who cried toward the end of this??

Funny thing is that when reading her book, I truly didn't like her. But she endeared herself to me with this message.

Love the new look of the blog. It feels more unique and out-of-the-box. Like you.