two more reasons to love my job

Reason One
While half of America toils under florescent bulbs, this is the view from my cubicle. Blue sky, natural light, a birch tree... which just happens to be my favorite kind of tree. Not bad, eh? (Random helpful tip: 'eh' is a scrabble-approved word.)

Reason Two
December 16th is the office's second annual "Cookie Swap." This consists of each employee baking four dozen cookies, bringing them into work and spending an afternoon gorging. Then we all go home with a behemoth box of 30 different kinds of cookies... which none of us can bring ourselves to look at because, by that point, we are pissing out liquid sugar. But a big part of what makes it fun is reading the cookie name tags while we eat. Here is a sampling of what my coworkers have dubbed their creations:

Sherry - Fudgie Pudgies
Dawn - Orange Lovies
Jenn - Make-your-mouth-water, gone-to-heaven, smack-yo-mama, no-you-dihn't, you-wanna-piece-of-this, thin-n-sassy, bestest chocolate chip cookies EVAH!
Shaun - Chocolate Pnut Butter Yummy Lovey Baby Sweeties
Steve - Raspberry + Lemon Cookies for Eating
Molly - Oatmeal White-Chocolate Cranberry Chunk Cookies (the non cow patty version)
Ashley - "Seriously, I Am Amazing" Sugar Cookies
Katy - MMMMMMMM Banana Chip Cookies
Amanda - Meat Cookies
Blake - Oreogasms
Kyle - Nana's (Pain in the Ass to Make) Christmas Cookies


K_Streams_Her_C said...

Amen, sista! Add our next Thursday outing to your list of reasons you love your job. Fabulousness! (and thanks for the scrabble tip!)

Molly Hargather said...

did you seriously say "pissing liquid sugar?" you did. and that is just one reason that i love you. i think i know what i'm gonna get and then...bam. you say something like that. :)

Dawn Gahan said...

We could bring laughter and fun to a Jim Jones kool-aid get-together.

Dawn E. Girl

Susan Marie said...

Bring some home . . . and by the way - before the liquid sugar comes out it somehow transfers into fat- but the Xmas elf assured me they have waived the fat in cookies for the Holidays . . .gotta love those elves.